How To Fix A Broken Window Pane For Flawless Working Of Window

Broken Window Panes No Longer Needs Worry

Crack! Your kids send a hardball flying into the air and there it goes, smashing your beloved windowpane into pieces! An errant baseball, a hurled stone or an extreme weather causing a branch to fall is all it takes to end the lifespan of your window pane. 

A broken pane not just makes your dwelling an easy target of changing weather, vulnerable to diseases, it is all the more a security hazard. Though it’s common to face a broken or a cracked window pane during one’s course of house ownership at some point or the other; you can fix a broken window pane, even by yourself, without any hitch.

Fix A Broken Window Pane More Effectively - Save Hundreds On Your Repairs Now!!

Easy Steps to help you fix your broken pane independently 

Given below are some of the basic steps, following which one could fix broken window pane. But before proceeding on the laid down steps, one needs to possess some fundamental equipment’s and tool like working glove and protection for eyes, tape, and knife, screwdriver and pliers, hammer, paint brush and primer and most importantly the glazing compound and the replacement glass.-

  • Firstly determine the type of window you wish to replace/repair. Tempered glass must be used in storm windows while standard panes work sufficiently well in indoor windows.
  • Next you need to remove the window pane from the frame, if possible, and lay it down on the work surface with the caulk side facing upwards.
  • Carefully, dispose the broken pane pieces. Better use eye protection and working gloves before you begin. Collect the bits, bigger and smaller and pack in a sturdy paper beg for safe disposal.
  • Now, get rid of the smaller glass fragments using a vacuum cleaner and use the spatula to remove the old caulk.
  • You need to have the right size pane to replace the broken one. Take in account the dimensions of the interior of the frame and of the glass that needs to be installed into the frame.
  • A thin bead of clear caulk all around the exterior of the frame can provide a water proof seal around the outer portion of the glass pane.
  • Position the replacement glass into the frame, press it down into the caulk. Screw down new glazier’s points completely into the frame so as to hold it firmly in place.
  • Finally give finishing to your pane by sealing the window edges with pieces of glazing compound. Use mineral spirits to put the sash back in place, let the compound thoroughly dry. Paint the frame, after a week or so, to ensure protection of seam between the window frame and the glass pane.

We are always at your help

Though it is possible to fix a broken window pane locally, but the task needs expertise for perfection. We, an experienced team of professionals can identify the exact type of window that could finely replace the broken one. 

Whether you desire getting fix a broken double pane window or a single one, no matter whether your screens are scratched, seals are damaged and handles & locks are broken; our experts have the latest tools and skills to ensure correct fixation; we’re trained to produce satisfied customers. Our services can help save your precious time and money. For more information visit Doorwindowrepairs.com


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