Red light cameras - tightening the screws

Since 2008 the City of Sacramento and the County have jointly operated their 26 red light cameras under an agreement called a MOU, or Memo of Understanding.  It is about to be expire.  I was just looking at the proposed new MOU and found, buried in the back of it a provision which will lower the minimum Late Time required for a ticket to be issued.  The proposed new MOU says 0.1 second while the original MOU (as of now, still in effect) says 0.2 second.   (Both MOUs are available at links in Set # 3 on the Sacramento Docs page at highwayrobbery daht net, and the min. Late Time is specified in Attachment A, which is the last page of the two MOUs. )

In the view of this member of the public, this is a significant change, so I was surprised to see that the five page narrative portion of the staff report prepared for the City Council meeting of Dec. 3 did not mention it.  (Luckily, it got continued to the 17th.)  Also interesting is that the seven page report the sheriff prepared for the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow (Dec. 10) also doesn't mention the change.

I hope that during one of the upcoming taped meetings, someone on the council, or the board, asks their staff to explain why they are recommending the change.  Will the staff confess that it's just for the money?


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