Carmichael and Fair Oaks, As Defined by Urban Dictionary

The online, user-generated dictionary offers definitions that are at times amusing and truthful, while others can be downright offensive.

Urban Dictionary describes itself as "the dictionary you wrote." We looked up the word Fair Oaks and Carmichael on the popular website and found three entries for Carmichael and one entry for Fair Oaks.

While Carmichael's definitions could possibly be construed as mildly amusing and truthful, others got downright derogatory and offensive. The definition for Fair Oaks was also slightly amusing and far less offensive.

The top definition is the one that received the most upvotes. We've shared the definitions below. Unfortunately for Carmichael, its top definition as well as another are pretty offensive, so they are being ommited from this report. Feel free to define Carmichael and Fair Oaks yourself in the comments below this story.

Carmichael is a city in California, known for it's Arden-Arcade area. The city is quite large and is well known for being unusually spread out, walk two steps away from Coyle Ave. you are now in Citrus Heights, walk a block to Del Campo from Carmichael, you are now in Fair Oaks. To a person from Citrus Heights, Carmichael is hella days away, when it's only a 45 minute walk depending on how fast you are.

Carmichael gave the world that preppy Disney star Brenda Song.

V: Carmichael is hella days away 
S: I know! 
B: Dude, it's not that bad, it's only a 45 minute walk. 
V: Did you hear something? It sounded like a smart-ass I don't wanna listen to right now.

Fair Oaks. Chicken Town. Known for its chickens, red bridge and the bluffs. Everyone from hippies to rednecks love Fair Oaks.K: hey bro, wanna go kick it in Arden Park? 
E: No man ima go chill at the bluffs in Fair Oaks

N: Chickens?? DO you live in the country? 
m: No bro im from Fair Oaks.

You can submit your own definition of Carmichael and Fair Oaks to Urban Dictionary here.


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