Carmichael Dave on News & Review Cover

Weiglein talks about his firing and the future of the Kings.

Did you know no longer lives in Carmichael, but rather in Antelope?

That's one of the revelations from Dave Weiglein, 36, who helped lead the grassroots movement to , in a lengthy interview that is the cover story on this week's edition of the Sacramento News & Review.

Carmichael Dave has launched a new online radio broadcast at www.thecdnetworks.com after being under still unclear circumstances in May.

“Do I even own my own name?,” Dave is quoted as saying in the SN&R article.“The lawyers are figuring that out.”

He began calling KHTK when he was 12 and was told if he called the station after every Kings game, they would put him on first.

“And that’s when I switched from ‘Dave in Carmichael’ to ‘Carmichael Dave,’” he told the News & Review.

He then got an internship which led to a job at the station which led to his own self-titled show and a forum for keeping the Kings in town.

"The kid from Carmichael was now a marble-mouthed, (expletive)-stirring, fun-loving Sacto sports savior," SN&R reporter Nick Miller writes.

In the interview, Carmichael Dave said he feels his speaking out against the failed arena deal that angered many fans likely led to his departure from KHTK. He says he may run for political office someday.

The article ends with Carmichael Dave quoting the film Tombstone.

“It’s not about revenge,” he says, “it’s about the reckoning.”


How do you think Carmichael Dave's future will turn out? Tell us in a comment below.

Cody Kitaura July 17, 2012 at 10:05 PM
Antelope Dave just doesn't have the same ring.


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