Chateau at Carm. Park Offers Memory Care

Senior residence among those in town that assists clients with dementia, mental health issues.

Among the care options for is memory care, which serves clients who have dementia and other mental health issues.

One senior home that offers memory care is , located on Fair Oaks Boulevard in central Carmichael.

Officials at The Chateau say it offers affordable memory care. Rent of $4,000 a month offers clients a studio apartment with a private bath, personalized meals and .

"We're trying to create an atmosphere to allow residents to decorate and know their own space," said . "What we encourage is not a shared model... but rather making it as comfortable as possible."

The Chateau has 45 apartments and currently has 42 residents, Dunning said. The program stays at or near capacity due to its relatively low cost, he added.

An independent senior living program has 48 apartments and 44 residents. There is also a day program and respite care or short-term care between three days and three months.

Having an executive chef on the staff means personalized meals for residents, Dunning said.

"Food can be basic; it doesn't need to be," he said.

There is a 7-1 ratio of residents to staff members at The Chateau.

Dunning offered up some reasons for why Carmichael is so senior-friendly.

"For Carmichael, there is everything here- hospitals and dental and medical centers," he said. "Also, seniors don't do freeways. It's all surface streets here so it's a landlocked community."

Carmichael is also the center of the map for families in communities including Folsom, Roseville, Citrus Heights and Elk Grove, making it attractive for senior living, Dunning said.


Do you have a parent or grandparent in a senior residence in Carmichael, or do you live in one yourself? What is your experience? Tell us in a comment below.

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