Learning Life Lessons From Dad

This Fathers Day let your dad know what makes him special. Share your memories of him and even post your favorite pictures as well.

By Victor Calderon

Today is Fathers Day and I would like to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in Carmichael and beyond.

Maybe Fathers Day doesn't get as much hype as but fathers deserve their due, even if many Fathers Day cards have the same message about kicking back, watching TV and drinking a cold beer.

Our dads may have taught us how to ride a bike, how to fish or how to play sports. For boys, our dads were there to show us how to grow up to be young gentleman, how to shave, how to dress. For girls, your dad was probably the first man you loved.

My own father, Rafael, has been a great dad to my sister Cristina and I. Both he and my mother Christina have shown us the importance of hard work and he has supported our educations and our career choices of civil engineer and journalist, respectively.

The proudest I have been of my father was when he became a U.S. citizen, though one of my greatest regrets in life was that I was unable to attend the ceremony as I was away at college in Washington, DC.

I want to hear about your fathers. Please share any memories you have of them, maybe of growing up in Carmichael.

Today is also a day to acknowledge soon-to-be fathers and remember those fathers who are no longer with us but will always live on in our hearts.

If you do go out with your dad around Carmichael after brunch and maybe a religious service, stay cool. .

Maybe you'll see if Tiger Woods can come back in the final day of the golf tournament at the Olympic Club in San Francisco. Or you can see whether Miami or Oklahoma City wins the pivotal Game 3 in the .

Meanwhile, check out our recent Fathers Day coverage and . We've also got a story about .

Heres to you, dads.


What makes your father special? Share your memories in the comments below and upload a photo and tell us about it.

Christian Alea June 18, 2012 at 06:06 AM
Great story, Victor! My dad taught me how to play tennis. I played on my high school team and still play for fun.


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