Giving Thanks on Mothers Day

This Mother's Day let your mother know what makes her special. Share your memories of her and even post your favorite pictures as well.

Today is Mothers Day and I would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in Carmichael and beyond.

Although today is the day when your children will be giving you cards and taking you out to brunch and enjoying the day in your company, you deserve to be recognized year-round for all that you do.

You have been there since the beginning for us, literally. You have been there for us in happy times and in sad times. You have been there to share laughs with us and been a shoulder to cry on.

You have been there for our birthdays, graduations and our special days, such as weddings and births of our own children, to name a few.

My own mother, Christina, has been a wonderful mother to myself and my sister Cristina. She has been supportive of our education and career paths and lived vicariously through us at times.

Thank you Mom for making me the man I am today and for strengthening our family.

Today is also a day to acknowledge expectant mothers and remember those mothers who are no longer with us but will always live on in our hearts.

Again, thank you moms for all that you do. We can never repay you enough.


What makes your mother special? Share your memories in the comments below and if you'd like upload a photo and tell us about it.


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