How Will You be Celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

Drinks, wearing green obvious top choices.

Carmichael is turning green but thankfully not for the reasons you might think. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, Carmichael residents were asked how they will be celebrating this year's .

"I'll probably be here (Clubhouse Sports Bar), hanging out. I'm here visiting and this bar is close by." -James Yowell, former construction worker

"I'm going to be at the Clubhouse Sports Bar drinking Irish car bombs and listening to the Pikeys." -Michael Crossley, bartender

"We haven't made any plans yet but we recognize it, door's decorated and we'll be wearing green. Some people will be heading to the parks, if it's not raining." -Kathleen Gwynn, housewife

"I know a lot of people that are going to de Vere's, it's an Irish pub in downtown (Sacramento). "-Tim Leard, martial arts instructor

"I plan to go somewhere in Midtown (Sacramento) to find green beer and have cornbeef and cabbage. Streets of London is nearby my house, they are low key and don't have to get dressed up." -Katie Nelson, student

"Downtown Sacramento is the place to go, but usually I like Stockman's to avoid the crowds. It's a laid back spot, has a pool table, cheap beer and nice people. The bar tender is a cool dude, bouncer too." -Arjun Arman, student


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