Patch Picks: Shop 'Til You Drop

Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry and More

Shopping has long been a favorite pastime for many people, to the point where there are now tours just for that purpose. Whether you like chains or one-of-a-kind stores, there's something out there to fit your taste and budget. Here are several local options for those of you who enjoy the thrill of trying it on and taking it home—Put on a comfy pair of shoes and have at it!

  1. Moth Hole. Who says only brand spanking-new clothing is hip? With its huge, ever-changing inventory of previously owned fashionable clothing, shoes, jewelry and purses at substantially reduced prices, this is a shopaholic's Mecca. You'll have enough for a cute outfit and dinner on the town. We say, thumbs up!
  2. If you're a fan of antiques, this is the store for you. The majority of items were obtained from estate sales, over which the owner has spent the last two decades collecting. Discover one-of-a-kind finds like porcelain figurines, vases, furniture and statues. 
  3. Don't know what to get your favorite little fashionista for her birthday? This business's wares focus on primarily second-hand clothing for newborns to three year-olds, and features both casual outfits and fancy duds, the latter of which include some hand-made items. Ten years from now, she'll be the next Tavi Gevinson!
  4. A true shopaholic will say that you can never have enough accessories and that philosophy is embodied at this establishment. Those of you into barrettes, purses, brightly colored scarves and costume jewelry will get your fix here. Oh, and their clothes aren't bad, either.
  5. Toys aren't just for kids. This self-anointed "Love Boutique" has a variety adult items to tickle your fancy, like pink bachelorette party favors, sexy lingerie, reading material, DVDs—even love potions! The next time you and your significant other are out and about, pop in and pick something out together.


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