Cheapest Gas in Carmichael 3/20

Seen gas for cheaper? Let us know.

We're bringing back our ongoing feature where we find the cheapest gas prices in the Carmichael area. With gas prices above $4 and going up every day it seems, it's more important than ever to save when we can.

Here are the cheapest stations in Carmichael, as reported by motorists on gasbuddy.com.

-$4.13 at the stations on Fair Oaks Boulevard at Marconi Avenue and the two on Manzanita Avenue at Cypress and Madison avenues.

-$4.17 at the at Manzanita and Hilltop Drive.

-$4.19 at the at Manzanita and Fair Oaks.

If you've seen gas for less in or around Carmichael, please leave a comment below.


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