Welcome to the World of the Mini Burger Truck

Hitting all the high-notes of a classic American staple, the burger.

Mini Burger Truck—Multiple Locations, Sacramento, Ca.

I logged into my Twitter account dying of anticipation to track down the Mini Burger Truck that had been taunting me for months. The allure of the MBT has been captivating my attention for a while, but I always seem to miss their updates on Facebook or Twitter to find their location. I was bound and determined by sheer will power that today would be the day I would finally get to taste sweet victory and conquer the MBT.

Armed with my two sidekicks, my dogs, Duke and Weezer, I ran around my house in a panic to find my car keys and purse, Of course they’re never where you leave them. Finally after a good 15 minutes, keys in hand, I was ready to go.

Looking at the clock all I could think was they posted this 45 minutes ago, I better make it! I calculated the minutes it would take to travel to the MBT, only 15 minutes, which seemed like a lifetime and then I realized I had to drive back home too. I shouldn’t slow down, so hopefully they haven’t moved. After all lets face it, this is Sacramento and they’re not exactly thrilled about food trucks. 

I thought relax this is going to delicious, my mouth began to salivate and my palms began to sweat, I turned the corner of Evergreen to find the black and white food truck. I made sure my car was in park and jolted across the street to jump in line.

I desperately wanted to shout out, “I’ll take one of everything!” And then the other part of my conscious said, “lets not be too hasty now, don’t be crazy.” As I walked up to the MBT window to order my mind went blank… No, no, no, control yourself I said, I couldn’t help but smell the aroma of grilled burgers and tossed sweet potato tots dancing around me.

I tried desperately to keep my composure but the anxiety was killing me.

I had officially lost my mind, in the midst of the chaos of the city, I had suddenly acquired a stutter and yet somehow managed to find my voice at the same time. I was ready to order despite that I felt like I was shouting at the poor girl taking my order, but nonetheless I said, “I’ll take a 3-pack meal with the cowbell, the ninja and the og’. Oh and with a side of potato tots too please.” I felt I had made the right decision, they made their mini burgers with Five Dot Ranch Natural Angus Beef, another plus. Even though my nerves were getting the best of me, I managed to make my order and I waited for my MBT experience.

The second they called my name I couldn’t wait any longer, they were all mine I thought, I don’t have to share with anyone (Disclosure: at least I’m being honest, right?) The box lunch was finally within my grasp, I couldn’t wait any longer. I popped the first tot and as it touched my lips with that miraculous ancho honey sauce, it was one of the most heavenly, delicious tots I had ever had. The crunchy exterior with the sweet silky dipping sauce was absolutely sinful. Then I had number 2, 3, 4…. Okay stop eating, I can make it home, can’t I?!

Fifteen minutes later… With the brown lunch box on my lap and my feet kicked up, I sat outside to enjoy a beautiful sunny day, I took the first bite into the ninja: It’s really quite a crime to make food this good, isn’t it? We’ll I’m glad it’s not, because the way that burger melted in my mouth was oh so delicious. Topped with an asian slaw, pea shoots, lotus chips and siracha aioli, the combination of flavors exploded in my mouth creating a symphony of sweet and spicy.

Next was the og’, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and house sauce. This classic offered me a sense of a good old American burger. The cheese was perfectly melted and topped with all the crowd favorites, I felt like it was the fourth of July and that I should be expecting fireworks to begin at any moment.

On to the third burger, could I really make it? But how appropriate that the MBT has named one of their burgers the cowbell, after all we’re in Sacramento and we do love our cowbells. I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t know if I had room for the third burger, but I couldn’t resist I had saved the best for last or at least I thought, they all were so good. Topped with bacon, pepperjack cheese, grilled onion and BBQ sauce, I dove into what might have been the downfall of my existence. The succulent juicy burger melted in my mouth officially putting me into a food coma. I was in heaven. 

The trio of mini burgers have captivated my attention and for those of you that haven’t made the trek to the MBT, then your really missing out and I seriously suggest that you do so as soon as possible.


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Linda Comeau May 01, 2011 at 04:17 AM
I wentdown to the food truck festival - only to be dissappointed in the HUGE long lines to ALL the food trucks. This was truly a well received event - but there was NO way I was going to spend at least 90 minutes waiting for ANY food. Plus most trucks ran out of food with the first hour! Maybe next time we can arrange for many more trucks to attend this event. In the meaning, I will have to wait to find the MBT in town. Local Carmichael gal.
Victor Calderon May 02, 2011 at 05:05 PM
Linda, thanks for your comments. Do you know of any mobile food trucks in Carmichael?


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