What Type of Business Should Move into The Slocum House? (Poll)

The Slocum House could have a new operator as early as June.

The Bansemer family, owners of the Slocum House, hope to have the hilltop location ready for operation as early as June. However, what operates inside the house remains to be seen, leaving room for speculation. Will the Slocum House return to its former glory as the fine-dining fixture it once was or will new operators make the case to find success with a new type of business?

John Bansemer, son of Slocum House owners Ken and Pat Bansemer, has been exploring ideas, ranging from a banquet and event location, a venue for culinary classes and, of course, returning to the restaurant business. However, it's not certain yet if the Slocum House would return to those dining roots it came to be known for. Maybe it would be a new type of dining experience - a Slocum House 2.0, perhaps.

What would you see move into the Slocum House? Would you like to see the location return to its fine-dining roots? Perhaps it's time for a change of pace - a chance to try something new. Place your vote in the below poll or share your ideas in the comments section.

BrendanM April 10, 2012 at 05:10 PM
A giant salon would be great.


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