Carmichael Dave Returns on Internet Radio

He talks KHTK firing, Kings on The CD Networks on Monday.

"Carmichael Dave" Weiglein's voice was heard again by his many fans around the region on Monday, although it was on an this time.

On the first evening broadcast of his show on The CD Networks, Weiglein offered an uncensored take on why he believes and touched on the state of the Sacramento Kings, the team whom he had fought to keep in town as part of a grassroots fan movement.

"I'm not going to slam anybody," Carmichael Dave said not long after he went live at 7:03 p.m. "KHTK gave me my start; they took a caller and turned him into a radio host."

Addressing what he said were "conspiracy theories" from listeners, Carmichael Dave said he didn't feel it was Don Geronimo or the Maloof brothers who own the Kings that directly caused him to be let go from the station. He said he may never know the full reason for his departure.

"I believe someone got to management's ears at CBS Radio (which owns 1140)," he said. "My alignment with the city at times, my visibility with the failed downtown arena push probably made it difficult to have me in the building."

Weiglein said he turned down an offer from Sirius to host a mixed martial show with UFC fighter Urijah Faber, who owns a home in Carmichael.

"Terrestrial radio is a dying breed," Carmichael Dave said, adding that sports fans listen to programming online, including Podcasts.

He said there are no local sports radio options from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or after 7 p.m.

On Monday, Carmichael Dave was joined by Sean Thomas. The two will do 7 p.m. shows only this week and Dave will begin a 10 a.m. daily show with Sean Salisbury on June 25.

Carmichael Dave began his show Monday apologizing for the poor audio quality.

"It's going to sound like we're broadcasting from a garage because we are," he said. "Tonight is a live dress-rehearsal test run."

"I didn't want to take anymore time away," Carmichael Dave continued. "I will never be a professional broadcaster; I'm a human being who loves speaking and being spoken to."


Did you listen to Dave's show on Monday? What did you think? Tell us in a comment below.

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