Week in Review, Aug. 4: Sturgis Pet Adoption, Police Standoff, More

A look back at the news for the week ending Aug. 4.

The week in review has arrived and with it a slew of stories making headlines. Sit back, relax and catch up on all the stories you may have missed for the week ending Aug. 4.

  1.  - Launch Sacramento was a week-long event for art, fashion, and capped off on Saturday with a twelve-hour dance party in Cesar Chavez Park.
  2.  - UPDATE: A family has been found for Sheba. We'll have a follow-up story soon.
  3.  - Sacramento County Department of Transportation officials expect to begin work on the project sometime in mid-September.
  4.  - When John Shaban bought his home in 2005 he took a $330,000 mortgage against it. Today the home is valued at about $160,000.
  5.  - The sales have started so Patch wants to know if Fair Oaks families are shopping already, early and often.
  6.  - Muscular American Staffordshire/American Bulldog mix is friendly, curious and loving.
  7.  - Property management team MBK Homes has a tentative vision for its stagnating real estate development, but nothing has been finalized let alone approved.
  8.  - Sheriff's deputies shot at man barricaded in a home on Vir Mar Street.
  9.  - The bullet button gets around the state law banning semi-automatic guns and those with removable magazines.
  10.  - The man killed in the standoff that lasted five hours on Vir Mar Street was described as a private man, prone to verbal confrontation.

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