Would You Cross a Grocery Store Picket Line?

Negotiations between Raley's and a grocery union are nearing a deadline.

Friday is a pivotal day for labor negotiations between Raley's and its union, as the grocery chain presses for healthcare and pay cuts.

The Sacramento Bee said Raley's wants a deal by Friday night.

"At some point, the company could give the union its 'last, best offer' – a move that would prompt a strike or force the union to agree to Raley's demands for savings," the Sacramento Bee reported.

The paper said a strike is "a ways off," and would have to be authorized by the United Food and Commercial Workers union. If this labor dispute led to the first strike in the company's 77-year history, what would it mean for the two Raley's locations in Fair Oaks?

The stores would likely remain open, staffed by temporary workers and managers, according to the Bee–but doing so would be tough.

"Many of its departments, like the bakery and hot-food takeout, require specialized skills that couldn't be easily duplicated," the Bee reported on Tuesday.

Fair Oaks, what would you do if Raley's employees went on strike? If either Raley's Grocery Store in Fair Oaks is your favorite place to shop, would you visit there even if their workers were on strike? Would you find a different store or shop at a non-union store like Wal-Mart in the meantime? Let us know in the comments section below.


Disclosure: Cody Kitaura is a former Raley's employee and former member of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Scott Allen March 31, 2012 at 01:02 AM
We love Raley's, not the Retail clerks union. If the union went on stike I would shop at Raley's more often. Maybe I would visit our local Raley's two or three times a day just so I could cross the picket line over and over. What would Raley's be with out the union? A great place to shop.
From Fair Oaks March 31, 2012 at 07:16 AM
Who wrote this comment? A 17 year old?! You know why you love Raley's? Because of my family who has worked there for 25 years! People who take pride in their job and are happy employees which make a good well kept store! People who consider Raley's their store. People who have made this their career to know you and all the regulars who come in. If you want to have a bunch of 18 year old Jersey shore punks and people who come on at $8 an hr with no benefits just to wait 2 months to move on to the next dead end job at 9.50 and hour! Joyce Raley can more than afford to support the livelihood of thier employees! Yea cross the picket line and why don't you go get a Wal-Mart credit card while your at it!
David March 31, 2012 at 04:54 PM
I could see the cuts in healthcare everyone is taking those, healthcare costs are increasing at and alarming rate and the real fix for that isn't at a union level healthcare costs go way higher up the food chain no pun intended. As for pay cuts I don't agree with that with that the CPI in this country is a lot higher than the 2.5% the number the GOV gives it is more like 10%. With that said if you were to take a 5% pay cut over three years it would be equal to taking 35% of pay away per employee I would not cross a picket line for that good luck.
Bill March 31, 2012 at 06:13 PM
It won't be that difficult to staff the Raley's store. First, most clerks support the companies efforts become more competitive in the market place and secondly, they have both the BelAir chain and the Food Source chain to draw replacement works from.
Scott Allen April 01, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Dear Fair Oaks, I'm a little older than 17 yrs and I do agree that you and your family are doing a great job at Raley's. No, I do not want a bunch of 18 year olds making $8./hr. but the young bag girls do make for a pleasant shopping experience. Yes, Joyce Raley can afford to pay good employees a great wage. Her groceries cost more, but I don't mind because of good service. But, unions are corrupt, evil and hellbent on gaining power to force all of us into their collective. Will I cross the picket line? Can't wait! Scott Allen
Al Canton April 23, 2012 at 04:20 AM
I will support the men and women at Raley's and Bel Air (Gold River) who have provided me with wonderful service and good fellowship for the past 30 years I've lived in Fair Oaks. I'd find another place to shop if there was a strike but would come back as soon as it was over. Unions help protect the middle-class of this country and while I'm not enamored with public-employee unions, I usually support private-sector unions. I'm sure that if most large companies could pay 95 cents an hour... they would. I hope there isn't a strike, but if there is one I won't cross the picket line. Al Canton www.ancins.com


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