Sacramento Superior Court Judge James Mize Apologist Blames Rampant Family Court Corruption on Judicial Council Forms

University of the Pacific McGeorge Law School Professor John Myers pens an intellectually dishonest defense of family court corruption.

In this clip from the new documentary film Divorce Corp, Sacramento Family Court victim Ulf Carlsson tells his troubling story.
In this clip from the new documentary film Divorce Corp, Sacramento Family Court victim Ulf Carlsson tells his troubling story.

In a laughably inaccurate editorial published by the Sacramento Bee, McGeorge School of Law family law professor John E.B. Myers redefined the meaning of the out-of-touch, ivory tower academic. Among other clueless assertions, Myers made the bizarre, demonstrably false claim that:

“Sacramento’s family court, under the wise leadership of Judge James Mize, serves the community well.”

Family court watchdogs have collected and catalogued overwhelming evidence that Judge Mize provides anything but “wise leadership,” and that the court – which operates essentially as an organized, criminal enterprise – serves only a select, exclusive group of judge pro tem lawyers. The community at large, and especially those financially disadvantaged family court users without an attorney, are subjected to second-class status under an illegal two-track system of justice.  

Myers went on to attribute what in fact is incompetence and corruption by family court judges and employees to “incomprehensible” Judicial Council family court forms:

“Today, there are more than 200 family-law forms, making the law incomprehensible to anyone but an expert…The amazing thing is that so many lawyerless litigants somehow navigate the labyrinth of financial and other forms to accomplish their goals in family court. Countless others simply give up. Many try their best but do not receive justice. Not because the people at family court don’t care, but because our form-driven family law system is unworkable,” Myers wrote.  

News Flash Professor Myers: Real world, lawyerless family court users will be happy to explain to you that the “people” at family court not only don’t care, the “people” at family court knowingly and routinely collude with a secretive, insular group of for-profit, private sector judge pro tem divorce lawyers to deprive lawyerless litigants of their children, income and assets, and civil and constitutional rights.

Click here to view a list of the divorce lawyers who also act as judge pro tems and run the family court settlement conference program in exchange for favorable treatment by judges and court employees. The number of family law forms is not why lawyerless litigants do not receive justice, and the claim that there are “200 family-law forms” is a misleading red herring. But, nice try, professor.

Few, if any, uncontested divorce cases require more than 6-8 forms in total to complete a divorce, and a typical family court law and motion hearing requires just 1-3 forms. As the recently released documentary film Divorce Corp makes clear, lawyerless litigants do not receive justice because of rampant, garden variety corruption and collusion between attorneys and judges.  

And, in an ironic coincidence, many of the most corrupt, unethical attorneys in the group of attorneys from the cases chronicled in Divorce Corp are graduates of McGeorge School of Lawwhere Myers has taught family law and other courses since 1984. In addition, two McGeorge alumni not included in the movie have been disbarred by the State Bar of California: divorce lawyer Scott Kendall (for multiple acts of misconduct), and divorce lawyer Gary Appelblatt (for sexual battery against clients).

The Sacramento County judge pro tem group accurately is called a cartel by family court reform advocates.  The cartel is led by the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee, known among cartel attorneys by the acronym FLEC. Click here to read a laundry list of documented examples of collusion and corruption between cartel attorneys and family court judges and employees.

In addition, corrupt and controversial family court Judge Matthew J. Gary is a McGeorge SOL graduate.  Gary has been involved in a string of misconduct allegations dating back to when he became a full-time judge in 2007, and reportedly is currently under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Performance, the state agency responsible for oversight and discipline of California judges.

Apparently coordinated with Judge James Mize and Sacramento Family Court administrators and employees, Professor Myers’ editorial is nothing more than strategically timed damage control and blame shifting. The nationwide release of the documentary film Divorce Corp has put the local court system under intense, national scrutiny.

Featuring four cases from Sacramento County – more than from any other court jurisdiction covered in the film – the documentary portrays the family court system as the most corrupt in the nation. The Sacramento Family Law Court cases of litigants Andrew Karres, Mike Newdow, Robert Saunders and Ulf Carlsson all get screen time in the movie.

The details of the Carlsson case, involving criminally convicted and twice CJP disciplined Judge Peter McBrien and judge pro tem attorney – and McGeorge graduate - Charlotte Keeley, are the most disturbing, and Ulf Carlsson himself rightfully receives a starring role. The Divorce Corp video clip above provides the unsettling details of the Carlsson case. For more on the film, visit the Divorce Corp website or the Divorce Corp YouTube Channel. Sacramento Family Court News is the only California news source accurately reporting on family court corruption. Click here to visit the SFCN home page.

Bob April 28, 2014 at 02:40 AM
The family court system is a cesspool of fraud, corruption, collusion, entitlement, and more. The Constitution is as irreverent in family court as Hitler made it in Germany by getting the German Legislature to pass laws overriding the German Constitution, or just plain ignoring the rights of the people stated in the Constitution. Just as is often done in the U.S. Judges wantonly and routinely ignore the laws as written by the CA Legislature. They ignore facts and evidence, they ignore the rules of evidence, they ignore the Constitutional Rights of parents to be parents, they ignore settled case law, they ignore Supreme Court precedent case law. They ignore just about everything decent, moral and ethical. They clearly ignore the "best interest of the child," a term borne out of Hitler's Liebensborn program. An obscenity in itself! Given the fact that every family court in every county in the U.S. is subsidized by the U.S. Government via the Title IV-D & E Social Security Program with dollar for dollar matches, funded by VAWA to separate fathers from their children, homes, funds, et. al.. Parents are also set up to get caught up in a nefarious pay to play scheme, along with bribery and collusion by judges, attorneys, psychologists, minor's counsels, and more. You can not win in a system that kidnaps and traffics kids for money, and rewards those "criminals" that do those deeds. Family court is an obscenity, a racket, a cartel that should be shut down immediately and the "criminals" of the court arrested, tried and convicted for their crimes, including treason. People need to wake up and open up their eyes to what exists in "their neighborhood." If we were talking about a dwelling that housed pedophiles, or that housed crack dealers, there would be public outrage about that. Why isn't there public outrage about the dwelling called the family court, which commits egregious criminal acts no less so than pedophiles and crack dealers. Everyone need to see the recent documentary "Divorce Corp." to see what really goes on inside the family court system. You can watch some clips on You Tube, and/or buy the dvd. I've seen the film and it is an eye opener! It connects the dots of what is going on everyday in the anti-family court system. An obscenity that abuses children, parents and families. We need to stop that now!
James Altizer April 29, 2014 at 04:23 PM
I think the professor Myers may have a point. Judicial Council Forms unreasonably protracted proceedings for 7+ years to increase litigation costs. Judicial Council Forms setup an agreement with a local drug testing facility to run tests at an impermissably low level (1000% below proper legal lower limit) so as to manufacture false evidence of alcohol use so my children could be taken. Judicial Council Forms screamed at me in court when my lawyer presented evidence in court that the test was being performed improperly and generating false positives. Judicial Council Forms then used a biased in house court "expert" to manufacture phony expert evidence used to steal my children. Judicial Council Forms used the custody award to maximize the financial drain on me by taking 80% of my income for support, thereby rendering me unable to defend myself in court, while I was working full time at a stressful job. Judicial Council Forms bankrupted me and forced me into arrears on back taxes, including penalties along with non-dischargeable attorneys fees debts. Judicial Council Forms improperly reopened my settled divorce 7 years after it began to improperly award back support, in contravention of the law and legal precedent. Judicial Council Forms did not read any briefs presented to the judge including an 8 page supporting brief from the County Child Support Office. Judicial Council Forms ignored all evidence supporting my case and made an arbitrary judgement without any hope of oversight. Judicial Council Forms illegally used Family Code 2030 fees in contravention of the law and my civil rights to overwhelm me with costs and kill two appeals I filed against an improper decision. You know we really need to prosecute these Judicial Council Forms for corruption and malicious activity.
Cathy Cohen May 16, 2014 at 10:55 PM
So true. It's almost impossible to satirize Judicial Branch corruption, isn't it? Truth is stranger than fiction...or satire. http://sacramentocountyfamilycourtnews.blogspot.com/search/label/SATIRE


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