Fliptastic Teams Win at National Competition

Four teams take first at Universal Studios.

The gymnastic, dance and cheer teams did an incredible job at Team Gym Nationals held recently at Universal Studios in southern California.

, located in Carmichael, had six levels compete in this competition. Levels 1, 3, 4 and 6 ranked first in the nation. This is the first time a gym has ever achieved such an accomplishment.

Our level 2 and 5 teams did amazing and ranked fourth. We are the only Team Gym program in the U.S. that has a team for every level.

Fliptastic is home to one of the only two all boys teams in the country. Our 48 Team Gym athletes practice year around with their coach Mandy Lister to prepare for this event.

Our amazing Coach Mandy has now achieved six no. 1 titles for Team Gym. We are very proud of all our athletes and coaches.

We will be honoring our 2011 Team at a ceremony on National Gymnastic Day Sept. 17. A congratulation celebration was scheduled for this past Wednesday.

-Submitted by Patrick O'Donnell, president of Fliptastic


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