Which Long-Gone Restaurants Do You Miss Most?

We've seen a few close down for good in the past few years. What are some of the places that you wished could have held on?

Awhile back Fair Oaks-Carmichael Patch brought news that the long beloved (and long-gone) Fair Oaks eatery Slocum House would be making its return to The Village sometime in the summer of 2012.

Though efforts are still being made that would see the Slocum House return, it's still unclear when exactly that will happen. 

Right now, Fair Oaks and Carmichael are experiencing something of a renaissance for great restaurants in the area. And maybe there has always been an abundance of options, but there are some restaurants that couldn’t hold on long enough.

With the additions of eateries like  and  in Fair Oaks and mainstays like  and  For a long time I and perhaps others may have had to take a trip out of these communities to find a great restaurant, but it’s all right here now.

Of course, it's tough not to think of Slocum House when I think of great restaurants that have come and gone in the area, but I'm sure there are others that I can't remember that were great.

I'm young in comparison to many of the long-time residents of Fair Oaks and Carmichael. My reach only goes so far. I can remember when , but that was in the early 80s. When Carmichael's  closed a while back, it got me thinking, though. What if we were the ones making the decisions? Which restaurants would I bring back?

Though I'd love to see Slocum House make a return, I wonder what other places would be welcomed back to the area.

OK, Fair Oaks and Carmichael old-timers … what are some of the restaurants you miss most?


For more on the history of Fair Oaks, . For even more, check out the Fair Oaks: Then & Now topic page.

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Ally Davidson September 14, 2012 at 05:54 PM
I Really miss Sacramento Brewing Company's Oasis at Madison and Sunrise! It was my favorite restaurant.
Tom Andersen September 14, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Mikuni's opened in March of 1988. Not the early 80's. Dont believe most of what Taro tells you.


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