Letter: Why I'll Miss Fair Oaks Arborist Slain by Deputies

Mike Berger was a Fair Oaks arborist who died in a standoff with Sacramento County sheriff's deputies.

The following letter to the editor comes from Carol Russell. 

As the time to prune my trees approaches, I miss Mike more than ever.   His appearance each year in late winter heralded the approach of spring and another year in the garden.  His presence was as dependable and welcome as each day's sunrise.  Mike's knowledge, generosity, artistry, and kindness will never be matched...he knew about everything, had an encyclopedic knowledge of plants, animals. music, people, places, everything!  So working the in garden with Mike was truly an unforgettable experience.   I will miss his grace and humor, his energy and compassion.  I wish that, in his time of trouble, he had been treated with as much caring, concern, and compassion as he treated others.  I think the handling of his situation was a disgrace, and his loss is tragic.  


  • Neighbor of Man Killed in Standoff: 'It's Mike's Way or the Wrong Way"
  • SWAT Team Called to Fair Oaks


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