Manhunt: Cal Fire Chief Sought in Connection with Murder of Sacramento Fiancé

Search underway in California for Orville Fleming, 24-year veteran of Cal Fire.

Orville Fleming. Credit: SCSO.
Orville Fleming. Credit: SCSO.

The death of a young woman found inside a Sacramento County residence Thursday morning is being investigated as a homicide, according to reports.

Sarah Douglas, 26, was found in a home on the 9300 block of Fox River Way, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department told News10/KXTV.

Sheriff's investigators said the man who also lives at the home, 55-year-old Orville Fleming is the suspect. 

A 24-year veteran of Cal Fire and a battalion chief who works at the agency's academy in Ione, Fleming was described as white, 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing approximately 190 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

"Evidence at the scene confirms that he is the suspect and there is a warrant out for his arrest," Homicide Inspector Sgt. Jim Brooks told the station.

See the full report here.

Bob May 03, 2014 at 12:40 PM
if the fool wants to run and has guns then the cops should show no mercy when they corner him. What the he-- did he expect from a 26 year old female? He is 55 and could not even relate to her or her generation. He sounds like a pervert to me that held a high ranking position in a state organization but tehn how many more people like him are we going to find in state service in positions of authority over others? Start with the governor and work your way down. What other governor has had as many of these types of problems and issues with personnel and programs?
Concerned Citizen May 04, 2014 at 01:27 PM
Bob, 1) A "Battalion Chief" is not a "high ranking official". Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief or Chief are high ranking. The Cal Fire chief is appointed by the Governor 2) It is extremely rare to have a Murderer or "pervert" in any Fire Service position, especially any Cal Fire Employees that are required to pass an extensive Background, Psychological and Medical testing. What gas hep opened in this case is so 3). What does the Governor have to do with this? He's an Elected Official, and has historic "favorable" ratings of any CA Governor. 4). No Murder Suspect should be given "mercy" if the fail to obey officers commands when arrested. Let's hope the cops that do arrest him are not part of this "state service" you so affectionately believe are Killers & Perverts.........Sheesh.


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