Pants-less Suspected iPad Thief Found in Dog House

The following information was supplied by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

When Brad Storck fled Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies from Orangevale Open K-8 School with four stolen iPads, he left behind something important, police said: his pants.

According to a deputy's report, Storck's crime occurred Wednesday, Oct. 17 around 2:47 a.m. Officers were dispatched to a silent alarm call at the 5630 Illinois Ave. school where they saw Storck casually walking away from the school, according to the report. Seeing the deputies, Storck, 35, reportedly made a snap decision:

"When deputies first arrived in the area in response to the call, one of them observed Storck hiding behind a tree," said Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Ramos. 

Once deputies observed Storck hiding out, he took off running and the chase was on, Ramos said. Storck took off westbound through yards, hopping fences and dropping the iPads in the process. It's also around that time Storck dropped his pants.

"We assume that he lost his shorts as he was fleeing, or simply ditched them to be wearing something different than what he was first seen wearing (because we also recovered his sweatshirt along the way)," Ramos said.

Storck managed to briefly elude deputies till a K9 officer's dog found him hiding in a doghouse approximately one block south of the fence he jumped, Ramos said.

"After he was caught, a deputy returned to the place he was first seen and found four iPads. It does not appear that he had any kind of bag to carry them in," Ramos said.

Storck was booked at Sacramento County's main jail where he faces felony burglary charges.

According to the school, the four iPads are all that were taken and all recovered.

Ramos added that Storck's shorts were later found in a yard southwest of the fence.


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