Report of Armed Suspect Prompts 'Anticlimactic' Search in Fair Oaks Village

Units from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, Sacramento Police Department and California Highway Patrol were called to Fair Oaks in search of a man supposedly armed with a gun. Or maybe a hand grenade.

When a few concerned Fair Oaks residents contacted me about a mysterious incident involving units from a number of Sacramento-area law enforcement departments, they wanted to know what was going on.

"Yesterday there were streets closed by over a dozen CHP and Sheriffs and GUNS drawn  and pointed at a house on Sacramento St.," said the reader. "Can you please dig a little for more information on this serious matter?"

As it turns out, it seems like those law enforcement departments would like to more know too.

In an emailed response, Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Jason Ramos said the incident remains a mystery. Here's what he had to say:

This incident started just after 12pm in the 8000 block of Sacramento Street. A two-deputy was in the area, and advised that someone ran from them in the area. There was information, somehow (still unclear how), that the guy was armed with a gun or maybe a hand grenade. (See? It’s weird already). At any rate, multiple units came out to the area and they searched for the guy until about 2:00 p.m. There was never any confirmed information about weapons, and the identity of the guy was not known. WE did request K9 support from other agencies, as we did not have such a resource available at the time. I think that’s what brought Sac PD and CHP also, I believe, out to the scene.

Personally, I think it turned out to be a more major event than it needed to, since certain information could not be confirmed. It all ended fairly anticlimactically when they shut things down after they couldn’t find the guy.

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