Sac Sheriff: Crime Prevention 'Takes a Community'

Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Eric Buehler discusses crime prevention at a recent community meeting at Del Campo HS.

If there was a singular message Sacramento Sheriff's Department Sgt. Eric Buehler wanted to convey to the 22 attendees at a recent community meeting, it was that of solidarity.

"I can't make all the places wonderful to live," Buehler said. "If Carmichael needs to be maintained it takes a community to do that."

Indeed, the majority of time spent talking with the Sheriff's sergeant were the success stories Carmichael residents had combating in their neighborhoods.

Some spoke of their personal wars against graffiti vandalism across lamp poles and traffic signals on and around their respective street corners. One attendee explained easy ways to remove the spray paint, something he'd be doing in his neighborhood for the past year-and-a-half.

"It's about not making the point they wanted to make," said one attendee who did not want her name disclosed.

The conversation would next spend about an hour on the topic of in the area.

"It's a tricky subject," Buehler explained. "Many communities are outraged with the dispensaries."

Buehler explained how the earnest intentions of voters to provide alternative assistance to those who truly benefit from the medicinal qualities of marijuana had been exploited by the allure seen by some looking to cash in on Proposition 215.

"It's the issue having to do with some very flagrant advertising," Buehler said. "Some of the advertisements are asking people to get involved in something with fun and exciting pictures."

When all was said and done it was Sheriff's North Division crime prevention specialist Sherrie Carhart who explained those attending the night's meeting weren't victims; these were informed individuals.

Carhart explained many of the attendees took up the call forming neighborhood watch groups and creating interactive pages on social networks such as Facebook.



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