SWAT Team Called to Fair Oaks

Sheriff's deputies say an armed man is barricaded inside a house.

A SWAT team has been called to a home in the 4800 block of Vir Mar Street where Sacramento County sheriff's deputies say a man has barricaded himself in with a weapon.

The team went to the home after deputies unsuccessfully tried to arrest the man on a felony warrant at around noon, said sheriff's department spokesperson Jason Ramos.

"Deputies made entry into the house, observed him inside with a handgun and immediately backed out," said Ramos. "We've made contact with him, he's refusing to come out, and we're developing a plan of action."

As of 3:15 p.m., officers with rifles stood guard near the house, while Vir Mar Street was blocked off from the intersection of Fairway Two to the east end of the street. Canine units were also on the scene.

Loud crashes and a boom could be heard coming from the home.

Police had told neighbors to stay inside their houses. They would not tell Fair Oaks Patch the suspect's name or why he was being arrested.

One nearby resident identified the man who lived in the home as Mike Berger, owner of Berger Tree and Landscape Care. The two had known each other since 1994, said the neighbor, John Miesen.

"Mike just goes about his business. He gets mad at people throwing rocks at his dog. I know [he] used to get pissed off real easy," Miesen said.


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