Are You Ready to File? Tax Deadline Finally Arrives

Even though taxes are due two days later than normal this year, if you're pressing against the deadline you're not alone.

While some Fair Oaks residents will be scrambling to file their income tax returns by Tuesday's deadline, others plan to file for an extension to give themselves six extra months to work out the details. But the filing deadline is still today.

Tuesday April 17, is this year's deadline to file tax returns, two days later than the traditional April 15. That day fell on a Sunday, and yesterday, April 16, was a little-recognized but legitimate holiday, Emancipation Day.

The IRS estimates that about 10.5 million taxpayers filed for an extension last year.  In fact they provide an online form that will give you a six-month extension. But you still have to make a payment when you file for an extension, based on an estimate of what you owe.

The number of post offices offering extended hours has decreased in recent years with more people filing tax returns online, according to the USPS. Even so, several local post offices are offering extended hours at certain locations to accommodate last-minute filers.

The last opportunity to receive that ever-important April 17 postmark at the  is at 5:30 p.m., today.

Still need a couple extra hours? Try the Sacramento International Airport station, which is open until midnight. You can drop off your taxes on your way out of the country. 

Have you done your taxes yet? Buy anything cool with your return? Or did you owe?


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