Enhancement Committee Explores Village Parking Improvements

Part of the parking improvement plan will include identifying more potential parking places on existing streets.

At a Jan. 28 meeting Fair Oaks Villge Enhancement Committee members took initial steps toward possible approaches to tackling Village parking issues.

The issue essentially boils down to providing as much parking as possible to Village patrons and it's not the first time the committee has made efforts toward addressing it.

It was decided that it would be best to go after the easiest solutions first, according to a FOVEC report, and then tackle solutions that would require more planning, time, and money as those resources became avaialble. The first stage of this effort will include asking Sacramento County's Department of Transportation to paint parking stripes on Village streets that can accommodate parking.

SacDOT's senior civil engineer on the project, Scott Werth believes this type of low-hanging-fruit approach will require little to no significant expenditure on the County's part. The idea being that if FOVEC can stratify parking spaces with the striping in established parking areas, it could potentially increase spaces without requiring a major renovation at a minimal cost.

After this the next priority could be identifying more potential parking places on existing streets, according to the report; however, the committee believes these spaces would require improvements to streets before striping can be done.

It was decided to postpone scheduling a meeting for public input until the initial striping is done, according to the report.

According to the report, the Fair Oaks Village Merchants Association will take on the responsibility of developing guidelines for parking by owners and employees of Fair Oaks Village businesses.

Werth will receive a map and/or list of streets FOVEC would like striped for parking, which should be done before March.

Areas identified were:

  • Intersection of Bridge Street and Fair Oaks Boulevard (as much as possible on each corner)
  • Howard Street (west side)
  • North and south sides of California St., east of Fair Oaks Blvd.
  • Street in front of Water District Building on Fair Oaks Blvd. -- parallel on south side and possibly on north side.
  • Fair Oaks  Blvd in front of Townhouse
  • Fair Oaks  Blvd in front of Dental Bldg and H&H Electric

FOVEC Chair Greg Vincent will present all identified areas to the County before a Feb. 6 FOVEC meeting.

Are there other streets that could be identified? Where do you think there is potential for improved parking in established parking areas? 

Bob February 06, 2013 at 10:55 PM
Most of these businesses benefit from free parking so bringing in paid parking will drive customers away. additional free parking could be hard to come by while retaining a rural leisurely paced small village atmosphere. By sharing parking behind buildings and other out of sight locations for employee parking the parking issue for customers might be put on hold for a few years. any changes can have a negative impact very easily. so everything should be looked at twice before any serious decisions are made. A lot of imput from business owners and customers will be needed. I personally think it is the best area in sacramento county and i like it anytime i have business in that area. You have something rare and beautiful so don't ruin it.
Bill Schlack July 15, 2013 at 04:59 PM
As a customer, I have found parking in the Village very frustrating. There are so many empty shops and several whole buildings and vacant lots that certainly could be businesses if the Village is to be more than an occasional stop. I started riding my bike to the village because of lack of parking which worked fine for the farmers market and hardware store - but not to buy anything breakable. I wanted to take my Mom to Christmas in the park and there was no handicapped parking to be seen so we skipped it. I have come through town several times intending to stop and without seeing a parking space just gone on. So who is parking there? Is it full with customers? I don't think so. I have seen some of the same cars and vans parked in the same spaces in front of where I would park to go the businesses I wanted to frequent - I'm thinking it's the employees and business owners that are there. As far as I can see, the village merchants don't want my business until they can find a place for me to park and it starts with getting their cars and their employees cars located outside the "customer" parking areas. Thanks.


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