Lungren and Bera Agree on 100-Round Magazine Ban

The shooter in the Aurora, Colo., used a high-capacity clip in an assault rifle, giving new life to gun control debates.

Rep. Dan Lungren and Elk Grove resident Ami Bera may be election rivals for the second time, but they do agree on at least one controversial issue.

According to a Sacramento Bee editorial, both men think a 100-round magazine like the one used in the Aurora, Colo., massacre is excessive. Both told the Bee they would vote to ban the high-capacity drums.

"If you need 100-round clips, there are lots of things I would call you, but 'sportsman' or 'hunter' is not one of them." Lungren told the Bee. "What do you need 100 rounds for?"

He said there isn't any political momentum for a national assault weapons ban, but a Bera spokesman said that candidate would vote for one.

"Dr. Bera supports the assault weapons ban and especially in light of the recent tragedy in Aurora," campaign spokesman Josh Wolf told the Bee.

and will face off this November in a race to represent California's newly created Congressional District 7.


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