Poll: Agree with Gov. Brown's Budget Proposals?

Tell us what you think about his proposed cuts, initiative.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday released a revised state budget he says will protect funding for education and public safety while slashing $8.3 billion from government to close a $15.7 billion deficit.

"This budget reflects the fact that the nation’s economic recovery is proceeding more slowly than anticipated,” Brown said in a released statement. “Lower tax revenues, coupled with federal government obstructions that blocked billions in necessary cuts, have created a deeper budget hole. More painful reductions will be necessary as a result, but education and public safety must be protected.”

The governor has placed an initiative on the November ballot that will increase money for schools and provide constitutional protection for public safety funding, according to a news release from his office. The measure will enact temporary income tax increases on high-income earners. It will also raise income taxes by up to three percent on the wealthiest Californians for seven years and will also increase the state sales tax by one quarter of one percent for four years.

Do you agree with Gov. Brown's proposals? Tell us why or why not with a comment below.

Jake Arellano May 17, 2012 at 01:39 PM
the budget also includes new taxes. the legislature and governor must cut more state expenditure down to income levels no more deficit...same as the people
David May 17, 2012 at 06:47 PM
No new taxes cut all!!!!!!!! unessesary forms of gov through attrition stop all the give away programs and lets treat this damn state like our own finances and balance the check book! If we don't we will be forced to do so anyway and then be taxed for the crap we couldn't afford when we should have done what needed to be done in the first place. When my wife and I don't have money at the end of the month we don't go out and buy a sports car and the govenrment shouldn't either.


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