Poll: Have Administrator Hudson's Spending Habits Gone Overboard?

The Sacramento Bee reports County Administrator Brad Hudson's controversial spending habits have once again landed him in some hot water.

The Sacramento County Administrator's spending habits have once again landed him in hot water.

Brad Hudson, who was recruited from Riverside in June 2011, has spent $15,000 on a LogiSon Sound Masking System he believes will ensure the privacy of certain sensitive conversations.

The Sacramento Bee reports his purchase is raising eyebrows with Sacramento County Supervisors, questioning the necessity of the purchase and is another knock against the administrator, who in December 2011 spent $21,000 redecorating his office.

Hudson defended his purchase as necessary in protecting the sensitive conversations that take place in the county's labor relations office on the seventh floor, and in the personnel office on the fourth floor, of the county administrative building.

County Supervisors the Bee spoke with were less supportive of the purchase, understanding the need for privacy but thinking a less expensive option could have been found.

Fair Oaks, what do you think of the purchase? Is this an appropriate use of county dollars, or should we be concerned with Hudson's spending methods? Vote in our poll below and leave a comment with your thoughts.

Jon Stuart February 22, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Seriously, this is a dumb poll and the questions are one dimensional and the wrong question. Did anyone consider that Brad Hudson is trying to improve the work environment? Did anyone consider that masking promotes a more efficient, productive and comfortable work environment? Did anyone research the ROI of masking and notice that it pays for itself under a year? Did anyone consider that the article writer doesn't understand how to research and ergonomic office environment? Why, oh why is the world around us going to heck? Because education my friend is on the out and mob instant gratification rules. Be cynical, yes, but be cynical of your uneducated response to something. Get educated.
Alf Tanner. February 22, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Get educated, Jon? Brad Hudson has worked here a year and a half and almost spent $40,000 bucks on a bunch of useless crapola. In an age of budget deficits, cut's to every bit of the social safety net & education, we can question how our local government officials spend our tax dollars. Sound masking equipment? Is this dude hunting down Jon Gotti or something? He handles county labor relations? This isn't about education, Jon. Or about attacking the writer. It's about elected officials WASTING tons of taxpayer dollars on SOUND EQUIPMENT.


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