POLL: Should California Raise Taxes to Balance the Budget?

Majority of voters favor Gov. Jerry Brown's tax plan, according to a new Field Poll. Do you agree?

Gov. Jerry Brown is pushing hard for voters to help balance California's budget by passing a November ballot proposition raising taxes.

Fifty-four percent of voters surveyed in a recent Field Poll supported the proposal to raise taxes on sales and high-income earners, while 38 percent opposed it.

Voters were evenly split on two other tax proposals. The first, backed by attorney Molly Munger, would temporarily raise income taxes on nearly all Californians and put most of the money towards schools. Another, supported by hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, would raise taxes on out-of-state businesses, with the money split between energy conservation and the state's general fund.

We're curious what Carmichael Patch readers think about these options. Which tax measure do you support? Or do you oppose them all? Vote in our poll, and tell us your reasons in the comments.

Sanford Kozlen July 07, 2012 at 12:59 AM
The Legislature needs to show that they are willing to face up to the money interests (be they labor, environment or business) to satisfy the voters that they can be trusted with the public's money. This election will be about which argument prevails with the public: either the cry wolf argument for those that want more money for government or the starve the beast from those that feel that government is not serving the best interest of the public.
Mark B. July 07, 2012 at 07:26 AM
68 billion for high speed rail? Welfare to work 4 years.? Over a million people on Welfare! Enough is enough. California is turning into a third world country. What have they done to the 6 biggest economy in the world. The next time you are at a four way stop sign look at the people around you. Ask yourself are these people struggling? You will see it in people's faces, the cars they drive ( the cars are beat up, often times they are more than ten years old and in various states of disrepair ). Ask yourself why? And who's to blame?


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