Presidential Primary, State Measures Draw Carmichael Voters

Turnout in state is low, lower profile races may be to blame.

The scene at the in 's library on Tuesday in the noon hour was slow and quiet.

At a time when voters could have stopped by during their lunch break, only about a half-dozen people showed up in a 30-minute period, or about one for every poll worker at the site.

Voter turnout in California was one of the lowest in history. The Secretary of State's office reported turnout at 24 percent statewide, The Sacramento Bee reported. The percentage will increase as uncounted ballots are tabulated but even then the total likely will be only about 30 percent.

In Carmichael, the voters that did show up said they were drawn more by more high-profile races and measures.

"I came out to vote in the presidential primary and on (which would have increased the tax on tobacco products)," said Esther McWhirter, a Carmichael hairstylist. "I hope Mitt Romney wins the presidential election in November because we can't do another four years with Obama; it's been awful."

"On Prop. 29, I voted no because if we're voting for that, the money should stay here," McWhirter said.

Russ Harper crossed the street from his home on Sutter Avenue to vote with his daughters Hannah and Samantha.

"I voted no on Measures 28 (term limits for state legislators) because I think they are counterproductive," Russ Harper said. "I'm anti-more taxes."

Hannah Harper said she wasn't following any particular races but that she felt it was important to vote as younger residents don't vote in great numbers.

"I think it's extremely important to vote because if not you're giving up your rights," she said.

What races or measures made you decide to vote or not vote? Why or why not?


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