Sacramento County DA Announces 42 Layoffs

The office is struggling with a $6.9 million budget deficit.

As a result of , the Sacramento District Attorney's Office will lay off 42 employees by Aug. 1, District Attorney Jan Scully announced Wednesday.

The layoffs, which include 31 prosecutors, will mean many crimes in the county will go unpunished, Scully said in a press release.

"When criminals know there are no consequences, they are encouraged to keep committing crimes, and arrests have no deterrent effect," Scully said in the release. "When criminals do not fear consequences, residents of our community cannot feel safe whether at home or in their communities. More importantly, victims feel the criminal justice system and their government have failed them."

Scully said she will eliminate her Special Investigations Unit, which targets "major fraud, white collar fraud, and political corruption cases." Also set to be cut are the district attorney's Major Narcotics Unit, Vehicle Theft Unit and Misdemeanor Trial Unit.

"My office will stop investigating and reviewing officer involved shootings and deaths of individuals who die while in custody," Scully said in the release.

The district attorney's office will also leave vacant 13 open positions.

Racerx Gto June 17, 2011 at 12:58 AM
Cuts to public safety, cuts to the administration of justice, it appears to shaping up for a wild wild west. It's a great time to be alive.
Elk Grove Laguna Forums June 17, 2011 at 01:51 AM
Or a good time to be a criminal. I agree with Gary Davis, might be time for EG to have it's own prosecutor, especially for the petty crimes.
Connie Conley June 17, 2011 at 04:03 AM
Time to start the discussion regarding a "community court," whereby we have a city prosecutor and a judge who comes to Elk Grove once a week to try misdemeanor cases. Council chambers would be a perfect court setting. “Community Prosecution,” as an approach to law enforcement, has several positive objectives that could possibly enhance “law and order” here in Elk Grove. We could continue to implement a proactive, problem-solving approach to crime; create new and even more lasting partnerships with the community in order to improve and maintain our quality of life. Should we revisit having a “community court,” here in Elk Grove, using council chambers for misdemeanor prosecutions? Wouldn’t it be much easier if Presiding Judge Steve White sent a commissioner to Elk Grove one day a week rather than our officers traveling to the downtown Courthouse and sitting in the hallway for hours on end? Now that Sacramento County DA Jan Scully isn’t going to prosecute much by way of minor crimes and misdemeanors, now more than ever, if we have a “court” in Elk Grove, the bad guys will know, you come to Elk Grove and commit a crime, your day in court will soon follow at 8400 Laguna Palms Way! I wonder if DA Scully, given her current frustration, would entertain an agreement with the city of Elk Grove whereby the money received from court costs would be shared with her office. This discussion is worth exploring again.


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