Shouting Takes Over Lungren Town Hall in Carmichael

Opponents, supporters voice opinions during gathering at La Sierra Community Center. Your thoughts?

A town hall meeting in Carmichael hosted by (R-Gold River) on Wednesday became a shouting match between some opponents and supporters, perhaps echoing the national tone heading into the November elections.

Carmichael honorary mayor Esteban Nava invited people inside a packed room at to act civil and most in the crowd did, until Lungren walked into the hall. The group turned heated at times, with opponents booing and making catcalls as the congressman spoke and supporters telling them to be quiet.

"Ninety percent of you have been civil while 10 percent of you may think civility is a lost art," said Lungren, who is running against , an Elk Grove Democrat, in November.

Lungren began the town hall meeting by addressing issues he said had been brought up during past town hall meetings, including the war in Afghanistan, Pell grants and the economy.

"It's a fiscal mess in DC," he said. "We're spending $4.1 billion a day that we don't have... we can't continue this way."

Lungren said he supports the budget plan introduced by , calling it "a sensible, straightforward, honest budget...that does not cut education."

The town hall meeting was then opened to questions and comments from the public.

"For those of you who have come to past town halls, I'm totally embarassed that your concerns cannot be answered over the shouting of some people," said Pam Pinkston of the Carmichael, and Fair Oaks Tea Party group. "All you (Lungren opponents) can think about is where your next government entitlement is coming from."

A few speakers questioned Lungren about what they said are his plants to cut Medicare.

"You (politicians) should stop playing politics with our health care," said Joe Mora of Sacramento County. "We need health care."

Wednesday's town hall meeting came after heated gatherings last week in and . More than 80 members of the CREDO SuperPAC, which protested the Elk Grove meeting, were outside Carmichael's event on Wednesday before the meeting.

"(Lungren) is willing to send seniors off a cliff with his plans to cut Medicare," said organizer Mark Hefflinger. "For the good of their grandchildren, California seniors need to send Dan Lungren packing in November."

Lungren ended the meeting by answering questions, as some speakers were left waiting in line and others continued to shout from around the room.

"Some of you think government ought to be bigger," he said. "I believe government should be limited."

After the meeting, people gathered outside, still talking about the tone of the debate.

"I've been to mutliple Dan Lungren meetings... and he's dishonest," said Carmichael resident Anne Shaw, who carried a "Seniors Against Lungren" sign.

William Payne came from the Florin neighborhood in South Sacramento, where he said Lungren has not visited.

"We need jobs and health care," said Payne, who works in construction. "We have to establish jobs in Florin; we're still a part of the community and (Lungren) won't come to our area so there's a lot of frustration."

A Lungren spokesman addressed the congressman's stance on senior issues to Carmichael Patch on Thursday.

"The facts are clear. The Ryan budget makes no cuts to Medicare for anyone currently 55 or older," said Jeff Wyly. "Obamacare on the other hand makes over $700 billion in cuts to Medicare."

Lungren wrote the following on his Twitter feed @RepDanLungren on Thursday: "I enjoyed hearing from my constituents last night in Carmichael- thx (thanks) for coming. That was my 7th town hall this year and 65th since 2005."


Were you at Wednesday's town hall in Carmichael? What did you think of the tone? Do you support Congressman Lungren or Ami Bera? Tell us why in a comment below.

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Pam Pinkston August 27, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Wow, Votedemout! Sure wish this Gary guy had the guts to reply to our posts. But I can make an educated guess as to why he doesn't---he probably went back to San Francisco and is busy doing another task set to him by his Nancy Pelosi SuperPAC handlers. So much fake protesting and never enough time! You know how it goes. LOL!
EE HUNT August 29, 2012 at 08:58 PM
When there is a proposal to leave unaltered the taxes of all incomes under $250,000; so, that if someone is unforntunate enough to make $250,010, then they will pay an increased rate only for $10 ( or whatever the surplus ) above the $250,000..... Ask yourself who benefits when this proposal does not go through. Opposition to this is the type of mind washing that some media inflict upon the people. No question when expenses increase more revenue is required - no difference for a government budget than any household. This is not the idea of out of control, ever increasing spending or a rob the rich to increase the deficit schemes.
Editoreslie September 18, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Let's talk about small gov't. Lungren votes consistently to give himself privilege over women's bodies. He votes consistently to block access to birth control, to cancer screenings, to block women from accessing health care that WE PAY FOR. He helped organized Darell Issa's panel of all men speaking about the insurance coverage of birth control. (NOTE: The ACA change ensured that not only is birth control co-pay covered by your premiums, but that no state can deny birth control coverage. Prior to this, nearly half the states denied birth control coverage to paying customers.) He is a creep, a louse and a liar and deserves to go.
Editoreslie September 18, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Lungren's people were glad handing the biker group who had confederate flags on their jackets, making plans to preach the campaign. I think folks who align with the Tea Party were misinformed. One man said "they drove all these protestors in from San Francisco." I told him, "Nope, I support them and I live here." He just walked away...ha.
Editoreslie September 18, 2012 at 06:06 AM
*By WE PAY FOR, I of course mean that we women pay into private insurance and lungren is messing with it.


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