Support Supreme Court's Arizona Immigration Ruling?

Did the Supreme Court do a good job or did they blow it?

Patch is all about local, local, local, and sometimes that can include providing a platform for locals to discuss wider-spread issues. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Arizona SB 1070, the state's controversial immigration law, delivering a split decision, and we thought it might be something residents here have some opinions about.

According to the Huffington Post (which, like Patch, is owned by AOL), the Supreme Court struck some provisions of the law, but upheld parts that let law enforcement officials check people's immigration status while enforcing laws.

The courts let stand Section 2(B) of the law, which is referred to by some as the "papers please" provision, which requires "state law enforcement to demand immigration papers from anyone stopped, detained or arrested in the state who offers reasonably suspect is in the country without authorization," the Huffington Post reported.

But, according to a report by CNN, the court struck down other key parts of the law including the following: allowing police to arrest undocumented immigrants without warrant where probable cause exists that they committed any public offense making them removable from the country; making it a crime for undocumented immigrants to fail to carry government identification and forbidding those who don't have authorization to work in this country to solicit employment.

Writing in the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy explained, "The National Government has significant power to regulate immigration. Arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration while that process continues, but the State may not pursue policies that undermine federal law."

That's what the Supreme Court thinks. Now we want to know what YOU think. Do you agree with the court's ruuling? Are there elements you would have liked to seen upheld? Should the "papers please" section have been struck down? Should California try to adopt some of the policies? Weigh in, Carmichael.

Tonto June 26, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Support this - https://www.buildtheborderfence.com/azborder/index.xhtml
John Hoffman June 27, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Barack Obama took an oath to uphold the law of this land, and publicly stated that the Federal Government, under his edict, will not do so. Please, someone, justify this act.


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