When Will the Fair Oaks Streetscape be Finished?

The Fair Oaks Village road construction will be finished in early 2013.

Construction equipment is an easy reminder of the Fair Oaks Village Streetscape Project, a $534,000 effort to repair, beautify and modernize streets in Fair Oaks Village, but most residents would probably prefer to just have it finished.

So here's when to expect that: Fair Oaks Village Enhancement Commitee member Daneece Fraizer said last week that most of the significant work will be done by early 2013.

"According to the attached information, Ariza Construction is estimating that most of the project will be done in early January," Fraizer said in an email. "The one exception to this is the installation of the decoratave street lights be completed in late February."

Some of the things coming to Fair Oaks Village as a result of the project are:

  • New sidewalks and walkways
  • New parking spaces
  • New mid-block crosswalk
  • Decorative street lights
  • Improved bicycle access
  • Corner improvements to make street crossings for pedestrians shorter, easier and more accessible
  • Repair of failed street pavement
  • Installation of landscaping in new planter areas
  • Restriping of the road for improved traffic safety

See the attached PDF file for more detailed information on when certain parts of the project will be complete.


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