Would You Rather Visit a New Kings Arena or a Renovated One?

Do you think Sacramento needs a brand new arena, or could the city get away with renovating the old one?

The Sacramento region is buzzing this week with more tension between the owners of the and city officials.

The Maloof family, which owns the Kings, said they don't want to pay $3.2 million in pre-development costs. said the city won't change the terms of its February agreement to build a new downtown arena.

The disagreement prompted George Maloof to make a total reversal and suggest the team could play in a renovated Power Balance Pavilion, according to the Sacramento Bee.

"Why don't we look at redoing Power Balance?" the Bee quoted him as saying in New York.

Supporters of a new arena .

Carmichael, is the current Natomas arena good enough? With some renovation, could it bring as much economic benefit as a new, downtown arena?

The former Arco Arena could definitely use a makeover, according to Bee columnist Marcos Breton.

"How about putting [a] nominal amount of money into the current arena so it doesn't look like such a dump?" Breton said on Twitter. "Is that so hard?"


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