Del Campo Baseball Team Involved in Brawl

Junior varsity players get in fight with Yuba City players on Monday.

The is investigating a fight involving members of the junior varsity baseball team from in a game with Yuba City on Monday, local news outlets are reporting.

The brawl occurred during a tournament in Granite Bay. In a YouTube video, players are seen throwing punches and parents come onto the field, with one shouting obscenities.

(Warning: The video contains some strong language.)

The clip begins with several players from Yuba City High charging across the infield toward first base. The Yuba City High players appeared to outnumber their Del Campo opponents. The fracas didn't stop until coaches from both sides, umpires and even some parents ran out to separate the fighting high school athletes.

News 10 reports that Del Campo coach Alan Case said that his players were "attacked" by Yuba City High.

According to the Appeal-Democrat, both teams had been "jawing" at each other throughout the game until the fight erupted in the sixth inning. Bryan DeMain of the Appeal-Democrat cites a source who believes the fight kicked off "after the Del Campo first base coach made comments to the Yuba City dugout and pitcher Jaylon Deas."

Trent Allen, senior director of community relations for the San Juan Unified School District, released the follow statement to Carmichael Patch.

"We expect sportsmanlike conduct from our teams at all times, physical violence is never acceptable. We will be doing a full investigation based on the video and interviews with those involved. Anyone found to have exited the dugout or thrown any punches will face disciplinary actions which may include suspension from one or more games in accordance with district and CIF league rules."

The region's chief athletics official also weighed in.

"Seeing what transpired Monday, there had to be a lot of chipping going on before the fight," said Pete Saco, the California Interscholastic Federation's Sac-Joaquin section commissioner.

Saco explained he had been in touch with both schools' administrators and he believes disciplinary action is a foregone conclusion.

Though Saco didn't see the ball get thrown at the first base coach, he said Yuba City administrators will be taking responsibility for which could mean suspensions, possible expulsions.

"I will be stunned if Yuba City administrators don't do something about this," Saco said.

Saco said the CIF would allow the schools to take responsibility for how players would be disciplined.

Officials from both schools are keeping fairly tight-lipped about the fight and were unavailable for comment at the time of this report.

Saco acknowledged that Yuba City's team would not be participating in anymore games for the rest of the week. As many as six players face suspension and some could face expulsion.

Del Campo's athletic director Gary Summerhays had only a few things to say about the incident, explaining the video should speak for itself. Though Summerhays doesn't believe his school's team was responsible for instigating the fight, he does believe the school's principal Vera Vaccaro will be issuing disciplinary recourse. Vaccaro was not available for comment.


Fair Oaks Patch editor Josh Staab and The Huffington Post contributed to this report.

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Andrew Gayner April 04, 2012 at 06:02 PM
lol! Boys will be boys! Professional sports teams act the same way but usually have no repercussions. In my opinion the Coaching staff of both teams should be suspended for the rest of the year.
Victor Calderon April 04, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Hi Andrew. It appears some coaches played a part in the fight but what, if anything, do you think should be done to the players, and the parents who came onto the field? Suspensions? Bans?
Andrew Gayner April 04, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Wow Victor this video went 1/2 viral!!! Number 32, 6, 2 yellow should be charged in court. The Coaches should both be fired. I don't care who was right or wrong. Set a tough example for everyone. "If you fight, your Coach get's shafted and your team forfeits the entire season!" No comment on the Parents...It's a game!
Jaeger Walden April 06, 2012 at 05:53 AM
The 1st adult we saw was the only person who actually took a student OUT of the fight. She herded what, I assume, is her son back to his side of the field. I'm really curious about 2 things though: 1. What exactly did the DC coach say prior to having the ball thrown a him? 2. What did the "adult" male say to the student at the backstop that set off the student? There had to be something to the comment since the "adult" male who made that comment was addressed by other adults outside the backstop area.
Victor Calderon April 06, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Hi Jaeger. So were you at the game? I guess we'll have to wait and see how this plays out but it's been reported some Yuba City players have been suspended and may face expulsion. What action do you think, if any, should be taken against the coaches and parents involved and any Del Campo players?


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