VIDEO: Fair Oaks Native's 'Tiny Cabin' Featured in the Wall Street Journal

"The house is about 25% glass and lacks curtains, so he gets up with the sun and goes to sleep with the stars."


The Wall Street Journal ran a story this week about Fair Oaks native Mike Basich, who became a professional snowboarder back in 1991. He now lives in a 228-square-foot cabin on a large swath of land about 10 miles outside of Truckee. Here's a bit from the WSJ piece

In the winter, it can only be accessed by a snowmobile, snowcat or other kind of tracked vehicle ... "I've eliminated a lot of stuff by choosing to have a small place and a big yard," says Mr. Basich, who has scraggly brown hair and usually needs a shave. The house is about 25% glass and lacks curtains, so he gets up with the sun and goes to sleep with the stars. In between, his typical activities include snowboarding on an adjacent hill or hiking with his Siberian husky, Summit.

Watch the video above and read the Wall Street Journal piece here. It's great. 

Amanda February 19, 2013 at 07:41 PM
This was really awkward to watch.....smh
Carol Gallagher February 19, 2013 at 08:56 PM
Why would anyone like Mike be concerned with socializing when the world is full of douchbags like the 2 reporting this story. Its probably one of the main reasons he, and many like him, choose to live a more simple life, secluded life. Power to him!
NativeMaven February 21, 2013 at 07:49 PM
I'd love it (except I a low elevation, creek and hill girl)!! I think we'd all benefit from making individual choices like this, we've strayed away from self expression in this society of strip malls and franchises. I dare say, we'd all be much happier if we catered to our true selves. Bravo, Mike! And even to the douchery that presented it-- at least they gave it three minutes of their "precious" time. It's a start.


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