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Pam Pinkston October 18, 2013 at 01:11 pm
Robert---you are willfully ignorant on the ACA. Individual states vetted insurance companies andRead More only allowed certain ones to be enrolled on the health care exchanges. They ALL had to conform to the exact requirements of the ACA. Therefore, any insurance company that offered cheaper coverages that allowed you to pick only catastrophic or plans that didn't include benefits you didn't need (thus giving you a cheaper premium) WERE DISALLOWED!!!!! Covered California offers only 2 insurance companies. No competition here for lower prices!!!!!!! ALS0, you need to go back and familiarize yourself with all the agencies created in the ACA---123 to be exact. One of them is a panel whose duty it is to approve or deny requests for procedures needed when a patient is over the age regulations state they should NO LONGER RECEIVE THAT PROCEDURE!! THIS IS GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE!!!!!! And I've got news for you, Robert E. YOU WERE PAYING FOR THE NON-INSURED BEFORE THE ACA WAS PASSED, AND YOU WILL STILL BE PAYING FOR THEM BECAUSE ACCORDING TO THE CBO THERE WILL STILL BE 30 million UNINSURED UNDER THE ACA!!!!!!!!!
Carol Gallagher October 23, 2013 at 07:41 am
The government may not be involved in decisions between your, the insurance company and your doctor,Read More but as I have come to find out---the government is running the show when it comes to purchasing. And here I am a classic example. I have always purchased my own healthcare---for almost 20 years. That is because I have always been self-employed. I may not have made that much money, but I alway managed it well, made good investments and lived well below my means. During my time of buying private healthcare, I have gone through rate increases, age group changes, medical crises, but I seemed to have always worked through them by shopping for a new plan, working with he insurance companies to find a new one or working with the medical community to make payments on bills not covered before deductibles. With all that said---I made it work. Fast forward to the ACA. Now I am considered too "poor" to buy health insurance from the exchanges. The government has decided for me that I dont earn enough money to pay my bills, manage my money, use my investments as income. The government now tells me that my daughter and I only qualified for Medi-Cal. I have NEVER received welfare in my life!! Now I cant get away from it. It is smothering me. The government wont let me purchase from the exchanges unless I "opt-out" and I cant do that because the prices in the exchanges are set and they are DOUBLE AND TRIPLE of what they ever were before!!! So now if I choose to accept this---guess what??There are very few doctors. And guess again---mine's not on that list----our family doctor of 15 years. Beautiful. So now my family is on welfare, lost our doctors and the private insurance policy I have had for years from HealthNet---just cancelled. Because eventually there will be no individual policies sold outside of the exchanges. To me, this is worse than losing a home. A doctor and your health and maintaining that health is much more important to living than anything else. I am sure I am not the only one that this has happened too. There are many of us who are going to be screwed through no fault of our own other then we got up everyday, tried the best we could to work and pay our bills and be a productive member of our communities. We will now be a burden to those who have to purchase insurance through the exchanges at the inflated prices---to those people---I apologize.
Carol Gallagher October 23, 2013 at 07:44 am
P.S. My former doctor is fantastic!! The person who gets him is so lucky. So when everyone isRead More thanking the government for passing healthcare reform and being able to finally see a doctor---dont. Thank the people who are going to pay more or the people who are losing what they worked hard for for many, many years.
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Pam Pinkston October 16, 2013 at 09:58 am
There was NEVER any question of a default! The US treasury takes in more than enough every month toRead More pay the interest on the debt and fund all necessary services. When the S&P downgraded us to a AA+, it was over the AMOUNT OF DEBT owed. We have continued to add to that debt and done very little to curb spending! Even though Congress has supposedly come to an agreement, we will revisit this issue over and over again. NO BUDGET SINCE APRIL 2009!!!!!!!! WE ARE OPERATING ON CONTINUING RESOLUTIONS! All we have done is kicked the can down the road ONCE AGAIN! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!